Argaive Erotic Photography in Montreal

Argaive Frees the Nipples and the Id

Do you long to take off your clothes and let the camera see you? See you in a way that your lover or lovers have never. Let them into your inner sexual sanctum. Free the id! Free the nipples! And other body parts like the one that rimes with Doris

Not on the Métro silly; there are laws against unleashing your id in public places. Besides, why share the inner you with all those strangers? They don’t deserve you.

Still, hasn’t that thought come over you – of unleashing your inner beauty and preserving it for posterity. If the urge won’t go away, why not give in to it? Be naughty! But in the right place. How about a photo studio?

Where to preserve your inner beauty for posterity

Why not Argaive of Montreal? There, you can have Argaive help you celebrate your body with intimate, glamour, boudoir, nude, erotic photography. Then you can share it, wherever and with whomever you want.

Argaive is a photographer whose goal it is to promote body-positive and sex-positive attitudes and values. He says it’s high time to end double standards and arbitrary values.

“Free the nipple” is his battle cry!” Through his photography of course.

Argaive got his start working with his dad.

“As I grew up he never went anywhere without his camera and I started out while in high school with his SLR. At that time, the most advanced feature you could get was a built-in light meter, but no auto exposure or anything. Best way to learn,” Argaive recalls.


The man behind the lens is a man of mystery known only by his nom de camera, Argaive.

“Argaive” is my professional name. I was looking for something unique as an internet handle. It derives in part from the HTML expression “À” which I use often when writing web sites.

“I thought ‘Agrave’ would seem a little morbid though so I played around with it, did some google searches and found a hill in Sweden, near Moskosel named ‘Argaive’, to which I have absolutely no connection.  Lo and behold, I managed to snag ‘argaive@’ emails on all major webmail services. Not that I use any of them, mind you,” he explains.

Over the years, his love of photography lead him to work with 35mm SLR, colour, black and white, prints and slides, some darkroom, Photoshop, outdoor, indoor, studio, events. Concerts.

“I like to cast a wide net generally.”

The irresistible lure of the erotic

Eventually, he couldn’t resist the lure of the erotic.

“Around the same time, on a lark I did nudes with a woman I was dating, with a cheap snapshot/webcam, and there seemed to be potential there. A bit later I decided to try with a model and my serious gear and kept going from there.”

He’s been at it for 10 years.

‘They’re all just people’

 Think his subjects live on the seamy side? Think again.

They are mostly women, some couples, some men, and even some non-binary folk. People from all walks of life. Even some older men and women, as in 50+.

Some just want nice photos for themselves or their significant other; others want to show their best side on dating sites, and some want to fulfill fantasies.

“I’m not sure there’s such a thing as a typical client. They’re all just people.”

But the challenge is to reproduce the fantasies. Often, it doesn’t lie in the camera; it’s the model. It’s one thing to want to pose; it’s another to do it, especially if it’s their first time in the nude.

The Argaive method

To translate your dreams into reality, show up with a full stomach – hungry models are cranky models – and wear a sweat suit. The erotic wear is for later. Relax! Don’t be in a hurry. Don’t schedule anything after, is his advice.

The filming is collegial. Argaive wants to hear from you. After all, it’s your fantasy not his.

“I enjoy exchanging ideas with clients and then the challenge is to realize their vision rather than mine,’ he says.

Argaive is not Mister Tickle

Anyone worried about being alone with Argaive needn’t be.

“If you want to do a professional sexy photo shoot but the idea of posing partly, mostly or all undressed for a complete stranger makes you uncomfortable, then by all means, bring a trusted friend, assistant or co-conspirator if it will make you feel more at ease,” Argaive says.

A sweet idea for a picture but a very sticky photoshoot

Wonder what the story behind the post photo is?

Actually, it was a business card. Velma Candyass of Candyass Cabaret fame needed a calling card.

“Well, if your name is Candyass, why not a picture of your candyass on the card?” was Agairve response. But how?

“But what could I use as a substitute for actual candy-apple mix that would give me the look I wanted? I mean, killing your models or giving them third degree burns at the very least is generally frowned upon,” he thought.

Agairve warned Velma that she would love the result, but hate getting there.

Velma saw it differently.

“He kept teasing and giving hints as to how sweet the shoot was going to be.

“When I arrived and he showed me what was being cooked up – literally – I was surprised at seeing the sticky red syrup. A very sticky photoshoot

“My tush ended up absorbing a bit of the red dye for several days after.”

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