Marijuana for seniors 

Marijuana for seniors. Just think of it: marijuana for seniors. Not just for therapeutic use. But pot for pleasure.

It’s coming. Toking with nary a narc in sight. That first deep inhale. That rush. No more meeting up with a dealer in some grotty alley in Yorkville or slipping round to Rochdale College. Just go into a store and pick out what you want. A clerk will be there to help you find what’s right for you. Then light up right out in the open on the street corner.

Or in your living room.

Smokeless highs

Now, if you’re worried about the link between smoking marijuana and lung cancer, no problem! There are marijuana edibles like pot-infused brownies. If  you are of the Jewish persuasion, there are recipes for weed-filled hamantaschen guaranteed to transform Purim into a High Holiday.

If you’re having cravings, you’re not alone. In fact, the pollsters say that the percentage of Ontarians over 50 who toked in 2016 nearly tripled over the last 10 years, and has risen fivefold since 1977.

The numbers are expected to rise now that there’s no need to sneak around to satisfy the urge.

Beware the downsides!

But there are downsides. Driving while under the influence is still a no-no. The federal government and the provinces are working on a testing device as reliable as the breathalyzer.

And Dr. Christopher Frank, who teaches geriatric medicine at Queen’s University Medical School, says getting high – he calls it getting “befuddled” – is risky.

“I’d be concerned about the effect on cognition and mobility. Anything that has the potential to impair people — if it befuddles you, then you’re more likely to have a trip or stumble and a fall,” Frank warns.

He also advises seniors to consult their physician should they be on other medications.

So, before you toke up or nibble, remember this isn’t the ’60s, you’re not a kid anymore. Be cautious.

Looking for a musical high?

And for those who are looking for a musical high, why not try: Fats Waller’s Reefer Song

Or try Ella Fitzgerald’s cure for the blues. When I Get Low, I Get High.

And the Harlem Ham Fats’ Weed Smokers’ Dream.


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