Zillah Creations Montreal

Zillah Creations Montreal. Tattoos with colours – azure, aquamarine, gold, scarlet and more. Tattoos that light up the night with neon intensity. Let Zillah turn your body into a striking work of art, one that people can’t ignore.

“I specialize in psychedelic art and mandala,” Zillah explains.

Mandala is Sanskrit for circle. Zillah’s tatts are essentially circular in design. But the tattooist adds that psychedelic influence and her artistic imagination frees her free to wander in a multitude of creative directions.

The result is a galaxy of shapes and symbols that can be added to Zillah’s artwork.

Her tatts can be black and white as well as coloured.

Tatts of all shapes and colours, B&W too

Zillah has been practising her craft in Montreal for 10 years.  She studied with tattooists Karine Rubymoon and Daniel Bombardier.

Montrealers from all walks of life – students, professors, young and old – are walking examples of her artwork.

The tattooist says the designs most in demand are animals and flowers.

Zillah advises first-timers to arrive at her studio with a full stomach and well-rested.

Is it painful?

“That depends on the person, though the young tend to handle it better.”

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/zillahcreations/ or https://www.instagram.com/zillah.creations/?hl=en or call 514 849 3984.