How to Cheaply Upgrade Your Writing Workspace

Not every author who works from has an ideal workspace. Many use a simple chair-and-desk setup, while others make do with the dining table. A few even work when lounging on the couch or bed. If you’re one such author, it’s well worth your time to upgrade your workspace.

Having a disturbance-free, comfortable space to write from will make it easier for you to produce higher-quality work. You don’t necessarily need to spend hundreds or thousands for it either.

Writer and editor Lawrence Papoff offers some advice on how you could cheaply upgrade your writing workspace without breaking the bank.

Set aside a private space

If you keep getting disturbed by family or friends, it’s going to cut into your writing time, not to mention make it harder to hold your train of thought. Moreover, writers frequently need quiet time.

You can create a private space at home to avoid this problem by turning any unused room into a home office and possibly soundproofing it.

If space is an issue, you could also section off an existing room (like the living room) with privacy screens or curtains. If you share your living space, provides some other privacy ideas.

Get a good second-hand desk and chair

You’ll be spending hours sitting at your desk. It’s a good idea to make sure your chair and desk are as comfortable as possible. You can find high-quality desks second-hand through local authorized dealers, online classifieds, and office liquidators. Online thrift stores also often have good deals.

If you want to go the extra mile, consider getting ergonomic furniture that’s designed to support your body properly, such as a stand-up desk.

Working with a stand-up desk can help if you have issues with back pain, and it can keep you more alert and productive.

Tweak the decor and lighting to boost your mood

Your state of mind has a big impact on your work. Being in a vibrant, well-lit environment that’s decorated to your liking can make you much more productive. For cheap decor, you can get new wallpaper, hang up personal keepsakes, and have a potted plant.

Make sure the room is well-lit, too. Let in more natural light by pulling back the curtains. If that’s not an option, you can work in an artificial lighting setup.

Get organized

Organizing all your stuff can make it easier to find when you need it. Also, a clutter-free space is much less stressful to be in (and maintain).

You can organize your office space by decluttering, labeling, investing in desk organizers, using cable managers, using drawer dividers, installing shelving, and having a trash bin nearby. Again, you can find cheap desk organizers at thrift stores and other resellers.

Keep your workplace clean

A clean, clutter-free workspace keeps you feeling fresh and is a joy to work in. An untidy space, on the other hand, is going to make you uncomfortable and stressed. As such, be sure to regularly clean your workspace.

Wipe down surfaces, dust everything down, and empty the trash frequently. Using natural cleaning supplies may be better for your health. Before starting your cleaning project, find online resources that offer expert cleaning advice and in-depth reviews on cleaning products; click here for one such site.

Will you work remotely permanently? Consider having a dedicated workspace

If you’re planning to work from home permanently, it may be well worth your time to find a new home or rental with a dedicated home office space that’s designed for work. It could be a significant investment but it will pay you back down the road (by making you both more productive and comfortable).

You can view online listings to find an appropriate rental, filtering by cost, home type, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Dedicate a space

Writing well takes a significant amount of thought, focus, and effort. Having a dedicated space for writing can make it easier for authors to get quality work done. If you don’t have such a dedicated space, you can upgrade your existing setup with a little creativity and work.

Or you could also find a rental with a home office space that’s optimized for work.

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